With the proliferation of digital technology, the number of gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and androids came out in the market. It's also because of these that many people have gained more access to entertainment, information, news, and communication sources with the help of the Internet. You can now find a mobile application for many things such as recipes, traffic, games, music, quotes, stock market, etc. You can do have them by simply adding an app on IOS or on Android phones and even on devices like Kindle, Galaxy, and Nook. Through these, people could gather information, view media clips, and even do work wherever they may be.

Hence it makes sense that a mobile app at can be used for people who like to seek inspiration and comfort from bible verses and also for those people who believe in the healing and transformative impact of the Holy Bible. They need an app that provides an accurate narration of the Holy Bible which helps millions of people who have good access to the words of life from the Bible that serve as foundation of their faith.

An android bible app at has been made with a couple of impressive features. These give the users a combination of spirituality and technology which is only possible in this modern age. The bible app has its search engine that will enable the users to search for the exact passages that they are in need of. Users of the app can search using words, phrases, chapter, the specific book, etc. There may also be a captivating audio narration of the chosen bible verse. The text and audio are perfectly synced making it easier for the user to understand the verse. It is also possible for users to create a playlist of their favorite bible verses. This would ensure easy retrieval for them anytime. Users may also enjoy the night mode reading feature and even a sleep time playlist that provides the benefits of listening to audio bible verses while sleeping.

Furthermore, the bible app also enables multitasking for the users as they can easily navigate out of the bible app as it continues to play the verses on its own. It also comes with a history page and an electronic bookmark that enable users to easily spot the last read text for them to pick up easily where they left off.




Through reading or listening to the bible app for 20 minutes a day, a user can finish the whole bible in a year.