The Bible is the most read book in the world. If you are one of its readers, it's likely that your bible now has damaged cover and spine. If not, it might just be sitting on the shelf. The modern age has brought you a new way of appreciating the word of life. This is through the bible mobile app. It is free and you can easily download it on any of your mobile gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and androids. You can simply use the ordinary browser for you to download this app. There are many things to be excited about the use of a bible app such as the audio readings of the Bible passages, great choices of reading plans, and the audio time length bar.

Audio Readings

With the bible mobile app at, you have the chance to listen to an audio recording of the Bible passage you're reading. It could mean a different experience to have the Bible read aloud to you while you read along with the narration. It could be that the Bible has come to life for you since it could be a dramatic reading. By listening to the bible's audio recordings you might find yourself craving to hear more of God's word.

Reading Plans

One other thing that's good about the bible app at is that it offers you a great selection of reading plans. You can create a yearly plan but if you want to you can also let the app help you with daily readings that will enable you to finish the bible the entire year. There are readings that are longer while some are shorter; there are also those that are geared towards specific times of the year such as Lent and the Christmas season. 

With daily reading plans, your readings will automatically populate and it's easy for you to read right through them without having to turn pages.

Audio Time Length

With the audio time length feature, you will know how long exactly will your reading going to take. When you use the bible app, every time you play the audio file, you will find a counter at the bottom which would tell you exactly how long it will take for you to listen to the selection. 


A bible app may also have 1,096 translations of the Holy Bible. It's easy to switch to a different translation which may be necessary during instances when it gets difficult to understand the passage when you stay in a certain version.